Wedding Photography


For me, wedding photography is about storytelling first and foremost. The story of the ceremony, the small touches, the unexpected laughs and tears, everything that makes the day special and unforgettable. Being able to work with a couple to capture and preserve those small moments is something I am always honoured to be part of.

& Personality

No two weddings are the same, neither are the kind of style or approach a couple is looking for. I find that building a dialogue with the couple I am working with really helps communicate what you are looking for and how to best approach making that happen on the big day.

asian wedding bride playing with bangles and dress nervously
extended family pose together for photograph outside in sunny gardens after wedding ceremony

Half-Day Package

  • This package is ideal for smaller scale or more intimate weddings
  • Includes up to 4 Hours Photography Coverage
  • Prints, Photobooks, and other items are available at additional cost
  • One free revision included
  • Estimated between 60-150 high quality images
  • Starting at £600
bride to be sits with relatives before asian wedding ceremony

Full Day Package

  • This package is ideal for all day weddings, and allows for more time for receptions, ceremonies, and wedding photoshoots
  • Up to 8 hours photography coverage included
  • Prints, Photobooks, and other items are available at additional cost
  • Estimated between 120-300 high quality images
  • One free revision included
  • Starting at £1000
bride and groom laughing together after wedding during outdoor photography photoshoot

Custom Package

  • Not sure which package is right for you? Feel free to get in touch below and I can provide more information and a tailored quote for larger or multi-day weddings.

  • Custom quotes are also available for Haldi, Mendhi, and other ceremonies.

  • All of my services are strictly LGBT+ inclusive, as are any of my partners & collaborators.
bride and groom laughing together after wedding during outdoor photography photoshoot

What will the finished photographs look like?

Frequently Asked Questions

I will aim to the images back with you within 30 days, but during busier seasons this may not be possible. Before booking the wedding I will let you know more accurately.

You can choose to pay either a 50% deposit upfront, or entirely upfront if that is more convenient. The other 50% will be paid upon reciept of the images. I am happy to recieve the payment as bank transfer or cash, or through Paypal if needed.

In the very unlikely event (it hasn't happened yet) that I am unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, I will get in touch with several photographers of at least equal quality and experience, so that one of them may attend the event in my place at no extra cost, or offer a full refund as an alternative.

I am fully insured, including equipment, liability, and indemnity insurance.

I have a full on-site backup of every piece of equipment I use, meaning if a breakage does occur, I am still able to work effectively.

I have previously worked with many different photographers and have a number I know to be very reliable and produce very high quality work. If needed, I can provide contact with a secondary photographer, or work with another you have hired.

I will be fully compliant with the Covid-19 regulations recommended during the time of the event. If an event is cancelled due to a government mandated lockdown, a full refund will be available. If an event is cancelled for other reasons within 30 days of the event, a refund will not be available.

I am not married yet, that is happening in 2022, global disaster notwithstanding. I thought about whether I could photograph it myself but I have been reliably informed that is a bad idea.

Get In

I would love to hear from you! I will respond as soon as possible, if you have any questions, ideas, or anything else, include them and we can talk it through.

If the exact date isnt booked, thats no problem! Just a best estimate is fine.
For my service, not for the event itself.
Same here.