Film & Production

Obsidian Productions

Alongside working in roles with a number of other film-makers, I have co-founded my own production company, Obsidian Productions. Our focus is on shorter, artistic films exploring themes of nature, connection to seasons, ritual, and more.

Moon Blood

Moon Blood is a short film exploring the culture and history of rituals around menstrual bleeding. Read more about the production and context of the piece on my blog!

Cailleach's Journey

Cailleach's Journey is a short film exploring the history and role of the Cailleach, the turning of the seasons, and our relationship to the earth.

Stills Photography & BTS

In 2020, I worked as a Stills Photographer for the Bridging the Gap Documentary, Racing Stock, alongside Fat Toad Films and Hailstone Films, following the story of Taylor, a 16 year old stock car racer, moving into the adult league. Find out more information here

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