Film Projects

Blood Moon: Ritual and Menstruation, A Short Film

Content warning: Imitation blood, themes of menstruation

A lot of my day to day work, event photography, wedding photography, has unsurprisingly been a lot more challenging during the pandemic period. However, with that cloud, comes the opportunity to use the time to work on some ambitious personal and colloborative projects, and that is what this is.

Blood Moon, is a short film I have created in collaboration with Katrin Blackwater, and many other talented creators, inspired by the early rituals around menstrual bleeding, produced for the Beltane Online Fire Festival, BonFire 2021.

Katrin and I have worked on a number of projects before, but this was probably our most involved, and I am incredibly proud with how well it has turned out.

(Katrin also has an amazing exhibition at time of writing in the Greenwood Cafe, in Edinburgh, I highly recommend checking it out if you can.

As with my Fantasy Photoshoot with Stephanie, and several other projects, Roslin Glen was the location for the majority of the filming, and as always is the most etherial, wonderful location for photography and video.

As someone who is less biologically connected to the subject matter than others, I took more of a technical and logistical role, operating cameras, editing, sorting equipment, and file management. Despite that, I felt very invested in the piece, and I am really excited to share it with everyone!

There was a huge amount of creative energy that went into the festival, and it is absolutely worth checking out as a whole, which you can do here:

Enjoy, and happy Beltane!