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Retrospective: ọkọ̀ Product shoot for Setovilla

While I am away resting and relaxing, I am also enjoying dusting off some older photo collections I had good fun shooting, including this great shoot from around a year ago. Enjoy!

One of the best things to find in work is something you love doing, and something that works to better the world at the same time. For me, working with the wonderful Setovilla on their new range of ọkọ̀ hibiscus drinks was just that.

Bottles of OKO by Setovilla Sitting in an ice bucket with lemons

A few years ago, when I was just starting my business, I worked with Temi on getting some portrait photographs in a mixture of different styles, and we stayed in touch. Since then, she has gone on to help develop a non-profit organisation Setovilla to support the people who need it most.

OKO hibiscus drink by Setovilla in a bottle and a glass, with lemons, Yerba Mate, a jar of hibiscus, and a pineapple in the background

In the early stages of my business I worked with Temi, getting a variety of portrait shots for professional and personal use, and we stayed in touch! She has been busy working with Setovilla to support children and young people who need the support most. (This was my favourite shot, taken in a lift on the way to the actual planned location, naturally).

In the words of Setovilla:

We are on a mission to help children and young people succeed! We sell ọkọ̀ drinks online and in-store, pledging 60% of our profits to improve education and employability skills for young people from low socio- economic backgrounds. We launched in July 2021 and in the next 5 years, we aspire to distribute 500 Setobags (educational kits, each valued at £50) to children in need around the world. Also, we aspire to engage an additional 250 young adults to support their pathways into work through CV clinics and workshops. We exist to make education and employment more attainable for disadvantaged children by giving them the basic tools to excel.’

After sending over some sample drinks, and looking at some branding and colour ideas, I raided about 30 charity shops for small interesting things to add to the shoot and matched what we had in mind, alongside some of the key ingredients of ọkọ̀.

An overhead view of a glass of OKO by Setovilla with ice and ingredients nearby on a wooden board

After finding everything I needed, I started to build the set and the lighting. Working with real ice under hot lights is always an interesting experience, giving you a suprisingly short time frame before it melts. As a result, it was a process of setting up the shots just right, and then running to the freezer, grabbing some ice, and trying to fit it all together before it melted completely.

A close up on the zero sugar OKO drink surrounded by cinnamon sticks, lemons, and a glass of the drink

Using a mixture of the core ingredients (Hibiscus, Yerba Mate, Cinnamon, Mints, and loads more), some of the parts found in charity shops, and other items I already had from previous projects, it all came together, and I am really happy with how the images turned out.

The best part, afterwards I had about 6 bottles of ọkọ̀ to drink in the middle of summer, which kept me going for a few weeks! If they sound good to you, check them out here.