First Proper Post!

There is definitely something at least a little intimidating about writing the first proper post for the site, but exciting as well! Its not been an easy year for anyone, including me, and my business has suffered a lot under lockdown. With a new strain of Covid-19, the run up to Christmas now looking increasingly bleak, and spending the start of the new year in lockdown, it does feel like the challenge of this year is likely to follow us into the next.

That said, there is also a lot to look forward to as well. On a personal level, we have finally put down a deposit on our engagement ring, and hopefully will be able to start wedding planning in earnest next year. On a business level, I have a few exciting projects in mind (more to come on those soon!) and a few collaborations which will be paying off in 2021. On a wider scale, with the days getting lighter, vaccinations underway and the promise of warmer weather and sunnier days, it does feel like there is something to look towards, even if it is a while off for the time being.

So while there is plenty of challenges ahead, there is also plenty of good times as well hopefully in 2021, for now we just have to see.

All the best and merry christmas!

Jacob Forsyth-Davies