Working with Iona Fyfe & The Auldeners

While I am away resting and relaxing, I am also enjoying dusting off some older photo collections I had good fun shooting, including this great shoot from two years ago. Enjoy!

One of my favourite jobs is shooting stills for video productions. It’s not the most glamorous role, but working as part of a bigger team is always great fun. It also allows me to exercise my creativity more (check out my work on the documentary Racing Stock). Working alongside video and audio recording also means stray elbows or camera clicks can hinder someone elses work, so it requires a high level of precision.

Sound Engineer Ludo testing audio equipment connections in front of a microphone on set of music video

Working with the Filmmaker Tom Alner & Audio Engineer Ludovic Barrier on their production for The Auldeneers was one such an occasion. Composed of Iona Fyfe, Callum Morton-Teng, and Ellen Gira, The Auldeners are a Glasgow-based trio performing reinterpretations of Appalachian ballads and American old-time tunes.

Barn outside from inside window in Scotland

Before the main event, there was also an opportunity to explore and find some interesting locations in the farmhouse, and get some good pictures for the band. Full of old farm tools, christmas decorations, and lots and lots of spiders!

This particular shoot was challenging, because it was filmed during the middle of a renovation effort. As a result, we had to negotiate timings very carefully, capturing audio with loud machines smashing through concrete is less than ideal.

A great location, a great group of musicians, and a lot of fun had all around.

Filming Crew Tom Alner, Ludo, and the Auldeners smiling together

And here is the final video:

Video and recording by Tom Alner and Ludovic Barrier


Adventure Yoga in Holyrood Park

After a challenging year it feels amazing to start to get back to work! This has been my first photography for a business shoot in a good while, and it was really good fun. Working on some promo images for Adventure Yoga Edinburgh was a treat, and I am really happy with how they turned out!

I took these photographs in a hidden little forest just on the other side of Holyrood Park. I haven’t spent much time around that side, so it was great to find some new spots, and getting the chance to see the forest just as spring really started was a gift, as was the really lovely weather.

Thankfully all of the participants were very patient, and I didn’t disrupt the session with my camera clicking away. Picking my moments carefully, and making sure not to shoot during the moments of relaxation and meditation led to it still being a really lovely session.

Really happy with how the outdoor yoga images turned out, loved collaborating with Adventure Yoga Edinburgh, and excited to get back to more indoor and outdoor work, and more fun projects!

Thanks to Jemima for the lovely review!

‘Jacob took some wonderful photos for my business recently – I was really enchanted by the shots! He was also very easy to liaise with, friendly, helpful, flexible and professional. I definitely recommend him as a great professional.’