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Woman stretching doing yoga in a forest yoga course against a tree in Edinburgh, Scotland

What makes me different?

There is no doubt that there is a lot of incredibly talented people working in film and photography in Scotland. I am lucky enough to work with quite a few of them!

Every single person has their own approach to their art. How they choose to frame a scene, the moments they decide are work keeping, the way they approach colour, and dynamic movement.

What differentiates professionals is often a cultivated sense of aesthetic, a specific guiding idea or personal style that helps them define their work.

Man loses dramatically at game in suit with his friends at private event

What is my personal style?

My personal style has been developing for over eight years, and has come a long way.

I prefer to shoot cinematically, staying relatively close to the subject, with low depth of field, which also allows me to shoot darker environments in more natualistic lighting. This also means keeping the background nice and blurry, while keeping the subject in sharp focus.

Combine this with a quick sense for capturing candid, unexpected moments, and improvise when its needed, and you have a good understanding of how I work.

Bride and Groom laughing with crowd during outdoor reception at jokes in Orkney, Scottish Isles

How do I work?

My main goal, is not to get the best photographs and video I can get. Which is always a surprising answer to people. My main goal, is not to ruin the event.

Stopping and starting speeches, getting in people's faces while they are trying to enjoy a dinner or a dance, blinding people constantly with flashes, there are lots of ways to make a beautiful occasion frustrating.

By being discreet, effective, and organised, I can provide memories that will last years, without 'the annoying camera guy' being one of them.

Woman writing in wedding book on Calton Hill, Edinburgh

My Blog!

If you are interested in hearing more about what I get up to day to day, the work I have done recently, and the adventures I go on, check out my blog!

Fun Facts!

  • Alongside my work as a photo/video professional, I also moonlight as a fire performer, and am co-founder of Prometheus Circus Group!
  • When I am not working, you can normally find me at a climbing gym. I have been rock climbing since I was a teenager and it's always been my main motivation to keep fit.
  • I am a seasoned member of the Beltane Fire Society, performing as a fire performer, musician, and working with the media team.

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I would love to hear from you! I will respond as soon as possible, if you have any questions, ideas, or anything else, include them and we can talk it through.

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